Black Mask launches new comic anthology to benefit striking writers

GENERAL STRIKE: Calexit & Other Tales of The Good Fight is a new comic book anthology from Black Mask Studios — written by striking WGA workers, with proceeds going to the WGA strike fund. The book will feature stories by Rodney Barnes, a writer/producer on the Boondocks cartoon; Brian Michael Bendis, creator of Miles Morales and Jessica Jones for Marvel as well as the Powers comic book and TV show; Judalina Neira, the WGA's NBCU lot cordinator, who has worked on The Flash and The Boys TV series; and many others.

Black Mask Studios is run by comics and TV writer Matteo Pizzolo, who has said that the company will pay all of the writers by matching page rates from Marvel/DC books, and then match all those writers' fees with donations to the Entertainment Community Fund. All of the creators involved will maintain ownership over their own IP as well. As Pizzolo told The Hollywood Reporter:

I'm a WGA member and my wife is in SAG, so we know firsthand the cost of this strike. It's impacting so many people–writers and actors and their families for sure, but also everyone who works in the community and culture. Hopefully we can use our comics platform to help members of the creative community cover costs during this crisis while also telling badass and inspiring stories about Truth, Justice, and Collective Action.

The campaign is expected to go live some time this week.

GENERAL STRIKE: Calexit & Other Tales of The Good Fight