Giant ice ball falls from the sky, damaging golf course

Maybe it's an extraterrestrial hole-in-one? A huge ball of ice fell from the sky above Victoria, Australia, smashing into the fifth hoe green at the Belvoir Park Golf Club. It left an eight-inch deep divot in the grass. Shards of ice were found as far as 160 feet away from the impact spot.

From UPI:

"Where's it come from? The conclusion we've got is that it's fallen from an airplane, we guess," [golf club superintendent Dylan] Knight told the Australian Broadcasting Corp[…]

Ice balls that fall from airplanes are known as megacryometeors and have been known to impact the ground several times a year. Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas said de-icing technology used on commercial planes is meant to cause the ice to melt before it hits the ground.

"It is exceedingly rare for a piece of ice to actually hit anybody. In fact I've never heard of it. But that is not to say it hasn't happened," he said.