Woman records man sniffing her butt in California bookstore. He's back on the streets

A man with a long record of sex offenses and other crimes was recorded allegedly sniffing women's butts in a Glendale, California, Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Calese Carron Crowder (37) was recorded by TikToker Michaela Witter as she shopped in the bookstore. In the video, a man identified as Crowder can be seen crouching behind Witter.

Witter said at least 20 other women contacted her and told her the same thing happened to them in other stores in the area.

From Fox News:

Crowder has felony convictions of robbery and burglary, law enforcement sources told Fox News Digital, and despite having been ordered to register as a sex offender, his name did not appear on the state's registry when checked Wednesday morning.

Crowder was accused of peeping into a Glendale home with children on Aug. 6, and a Barnes & Noble shopper posted her encounter with him to TikTok on Aug. 8. He was arrested on Friday and walked free on Tuesday after a California judge placed him on probation.

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