How Wil Wheaton keeps himself and his fans safe from COVID at public appearances

If you hadn't heard already, much of the world (including the US) is in the midst of a new COVID surge—and those in the know are avoiding crowded spaces and wearing masks again. 

Some, of course, never stopped masking (because they know that COVID never really went away), and among those is one of my heroes, actor and writer Wil Wheaton, who recently posted this great video describing how he incorporates masking into his public appearances. When he posted the video, he wrote, "Some day soon, I hope, we won't need masks indoors. Until then…" 

In the video, he is wearing what looks like a very well-fitting N95 respirator as he explains:

I thought I would show you. When I am at a Comicon, I keep my mask on indoors, and when I do photo ops, it's important to me that the people who are taking these pictures with me get something that looks a bit more like me, than what you're looking at right now. So this is how Anne solved the problem.

At the end of the video, he holds up a wooden stick attached to a paper cut-out likeness of the bottom half of his face, while laughing mischievously. It's really quite funny and a clever way to make photo ops safe! Thanks, Wil, for caring about your fans and your community!