Newsmax notches up anti-LGBTQ rhetoric: "We need to be more homophobic"

In response to Newsmax host Eric Bolling's observation that Democrats call MAGA folk bigoted and homophobic, his conservative guest said the silent part out loud: "We need to be more homophobic." (See video below, posted by Jason S. Campbell.)

"We need to take it up a notch," continued Christian rapper Shemeka Michelle, known for her anti-LGBTQ song "Reclaim the Rainbow" and a frequent guest on Newsmax. Her comments followed remarks by another conservative guest, Common Sense editor Chris Bedford, who had just referred to the trans community as people who have a "predatory mental illness" that is "coming for your kids."

"This is a war between good and evil," she said, sounding MAGA's oft-blown dog whistle. "And If we don't stand tall, we're going to lose."

Predictably, as noted by the Daily Beast, Bolling "did not react to that call to action, instead turning it over to Bedford to finish up the segment."

From Daily Beast:

The call for heightened bigotry against the LGBTQ community came during a discussion in which Newsmax host Eric Bolling and his guests raged against Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, who has frequently been the target of right-wing attacks for being transgender and for her advocacy for gender-affirming care. …

[T]he latest outrage lighting up the right-wing ecosphere revolves around Levine praising Identity Alaska, a gender clinic in Alaska. …

Bedford, for his part, repeatedly misgendered Levine before declaring the "end goal" is to indoctrinate children and weaken the military. …

Michelle, a regular presence on Newsmax, gained fame earlier this year when she collaborated on a song criticizing the Los Angeles Dodgers for honoring drag group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence during its Pride Night, which sparked backlash among Catholics and conservatives.

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