Watch Julia Hofer playing the bassline on "Spirits in the Material World" by The Police

Watch this cool and educational video, where Julia Hofer plays the bassline of "Spirits in the Material World" by The Police, which is from their 1981 album Ghost in the Machine. At the beginning of the video, she explains a little bit about how the bassline works, rhythmically. She also includes the musical notation, highlighting the bass part, so you can follow along as she plays.

Thomann's Guitars & Basses uploaded the video on their YouTube, explaining:

Julia plays Spirits in the Material World by The Police! The song has a very interesting rhythmic shift between off-beats in the verse and downbeats in the chorus, have a listen! 

Julia Hofer is a musician from Austria who plays multiple instruments, including the bass and the cello. For more of her work, check out her Instagram.