Like good ole fashioned emo? Enjoy Scaffolding

Providence, Rhode Island has produced a few legendary rock acts the last few decades, but as frenetic as Lightning Bolt and aggrieved as The Body are, they aren't thrashing around on the disgusting, beer-blanched carpet like Scaffolding is.

Songwriter Daniel Pond serve listeners a plate of garage emo, seasoned with a sprinkle of Greg Sage, a dollop of Robert Smith, a smidge of Morissey with a heaping spoonful of early 2000's emo. The three piece have fantastic banter and an infectious enthusiasm for writhing that drags their audience into mosh pit frenzy and harried introspection.

So if you're feeling like crying and thrashing at the same time but are ambivalent about returning to dietary staples from your adolescent palate, give Scaffolding a try.

Favorites off their self-titled album, "Feel Better", "World With You Around"

To quote the band's merch, "The famous Scaffolding. It's everywhere."

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