This robotic arm could lend you a hand with AI (literally)

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TL;DR: Expand your robotics knowledge with the WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit now for only $1,757.99.

Are robots going to take over? Possibly, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. These days, robots can be used to automate tedious tasks or even to hold conversations and answer some of our wildest questions. There's no denying that the future is in robotics, so why not learn more about it in an educational and interactive way?

The WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit was created for beginners: designed to mimic an industrial-grade robot without being nearly as complicated to program and control. If you've been itching to get into the world of robotics, engineering, and AI, this fun kit is your best bet for learning basic to advanced skills. 

The kit comes pre-assembled, which is great if you're the kind of person who wants to jump right into a project. You don't have to worry about setup; just skip to the fun part and start controlling your bot ASAP with easy Bluetooth connectivity. Programmable with Python, G-code, Blocky, and more programming languages, this kit is also your key to exploring different coding concepts as well.

So, what can this robot actually do? Your creativity is the limit! The kit comes with various end-of-arm tools like suctions and finger grippers so you can play around with different actions. Start small and command your bot to complete simple tasks like picking up and moving blocks. Then, teach it to draw. Warning: with a super precise, 6-axis arm, it may become a better artist than you. Eventually, you can work up your AI expertise and get the arm to perform complex operations and even build things.

There's seriously no better time than now to start prepping for the robotics revolution, and there's no better way to dive into the world of automation and engineering than with the WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit. Get it on sale now with global shipping for $1,757.99.

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