North Carolina woman arrested for allegedly faking her own murder

Last Friday, a North Carolina woman disappeared, and then a friend received anonymous messages that she had been murdered. But it turns out the messages allegedly came from the 37-year-old herself, who was found safe the next day in a neighboring town and has since been arrested.

Margaret Frances Elizabeth Sweeney, aka Maggie, "made anonymous third-party false reports" to the Department of Social Services as well as a friend, according to the Franklin Police Department in a Facebook post. Officers immediately opened an investigation, while "family, friends, and the community as a whole were also very concerned and worried about Sweeney's welfare."

Sweeney was charged on Monday with causing a "false report to a police station," reporting a fake "death or serious injury by telephonic communication," and obstructing police officers, according to the Department.

It is not clear what led up to her false reports.