Get $590 off a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone this Labor Day for a limited time only

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TL;DR: Labor Day is around the corner, and with it comes Labor Day sales. One of the most exciting price drops is for The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle, which features subscriptions to both Rosetta Stone and StackSkills. Lifetime access to both programs usually costs $749, but through September 4, when you use the coupon ROSETTA, you can get the bundle for only $159.97.

Maybe you're in school still, maybe you're not. Regardless, there's something about September — the usual start of the school year — that puts the ways we can educate ourselves on our minds. One of the best skills you can pick up is a second language, as it has innumerable benefits: It opens up a whole new culture, allows you to converse with different people, makes traveling easier, enhances a job resume, and even helps strengthen your brain…. but it's also fairly difficult to do, right?

Not so with Rosetta Stone, one of the top language learning software programs around, constantly picking up awards from PC Magazine and earning raves from outlets like The Wall Street Journal. 

And while Rosetta Stone can be pricey, thanks to our Labor Day Sale, you can now get it as part of The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle. The bundle includes lifetime access to Rosetta Stone as well as StackSkills, an online learning platform that offers thousands of classes on a variety of topics. Typically valued at $749, it's on sale for $189.99 … and if you use the coupon ROSETTA through September 4, you can get an additional $30 off for a final price of $159.97.

Here's what to know about Rosetta Stone:

  • It teaches you how to speak, read, and write up to 24 languages
  • The speech recognition technology will help you master an accent
  • There are multiple skill levels available — advance from beginner onward

And here's why you'll want access to StackSkills:

  • There are over a thousand online StackSkill courses available and 50+ new ones are added each month
  • The classes are eclectic: Learn how to get a promotion, work in blockchain, build apps, create a side hustle, and more
  • The vetted instructors are the top in their field and passionate about their subjects
  • It has a 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot and has been written about in outlets like Engadget, NBC News, and PCMag

Don't miss out on learning new skills this school year. Get The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone for only $159.97 through September 4 — just make sure to add the coupon code ROSETTA.