"Reason and Emotion": A 1943 Disney cartoon foreshadowing "Inside Out," Putin, and Trump

Here is a World War II Disney animated propaganda short called "Reason and Emotion." It features two characters that live in people's heads, the irrational caveman "Emotion," and the logical nerd "Reason," each fighting for control of the steering wheel.

This concept was used in a similar way in the 2015 Disney/Pixar movie "Inside Out," about five representative aspects of personality as characters taking turns in control within a girl's brain.

The cartoon explains Hitler's rise as appealing to the volatile "Emotion" character in people's heads, which dominates and overwhelms their "Reason" character, and the explanation rings true for certain dictators and would-be dictators of our time.

I'd like to know how a '90s designer traveled back in time to 1943 to design the "Emotion" title in the poster.