Vivek Ramaswamy reminds me of Hollywood snake oil salespeople

Vivek Ramaswamy is no performer; these rap videos prove that. The show he put on during the Republican "Presidential debate" and past Sunday during some media interviews, reminds me of a Hollywood snake oil salesman in the worst way. His presence in the race seems to contradict his own words, and Chuck Todd tries to get him to explain it several times. Ramaswamy is clear; he wants to do whatever Trump does, but this time he's going to force the libs to love it. He intends to unite people with ideas more than half the country hates.

Ramaswamy says he's going to unite the country. The magic will be Trump's 2015 platform but delivered by a guy who got rich, leaving many investors out in the cold. I think he smiles at the wrong times. He certainly doesn't seem to be uniting us, comparing a Democratic congressperson, who is Black, to the leader of the KKK.

Daily Beast:

Ramaswamy had blasted the congresswoman, who is Black, on Friday for her 2019 comment that Democrats "don't need any more brown faces that don't want to be a brown voice." He said her words were "the words of the modern grand wizards of the modern KKK." Speaking to CNN's State of the Union, he double downed on it—all while trying to dismiss it as a "fringe comment."

"The Grand Wizard of the KKK would be proud of what they would hear her say because there's nothing more racist than saying that your skin color predicts something about the content and your viewpoints to support your ideas," he said.

Host Dana Bash pushed back at the candidate, asking him, "How on earth is she a modern grand wizard of that kind of an organization?" The Ku Klux Klan, a racist organization, has a long history of subjecting Black people to lynchings, murders, and sexual assault.

Ramaswamy tried to brush the question off entirely, arguing his inflammatory comment was an attempt at having an "intellectually honest" debate about race relations in the country. Still, Bash said, that ignored how the KKK "lynched people, they raped people, they murdered people, they burned their homes."

"And that was obviously wrong," he responded.

This clearly demonstrates he is trying to unite the United States in exactly the same way Trump did.

Featured Image: YouTube