Ramaswamy pulls a Trump, tries to dodge legal duties

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is attempting to dodge court orders to give a deposition in a multimillion-dollar federal lawsuit by claiming he's too preoccupied with his presidential campaign.

"As a candidate for the presidency of the United States, I frequently travel across the country to campaign, deliver speeches, offer media interviews, and meet with voters," he told the court. "Therefore, I am often away from home, and when I am home, it's typically late in the evening after a full day on the campaign trail."

This is a tactic Trump liked to employ, suggesting, "I'm running for the presidency, so I am exempt from legal obligations that everyone else must adhere to." It's precisely the type of behavior that MAGA supporters admire — a far-right billionaire "beating the system" — because it implies that when they become wealthy, they too, will be able to beat the system.

[Via Daily Mail]