Judge: Burger King must answer lawsuit claiming Whoppers are too small

Donald Trump is not the only vulgar and unsettling would-be-monarch who must now explain his whoppers to the courts. The Burger King, sued over how the patties are depicted on menu boards, will have to answer a lawsuit filed by consumers.

A U.S. judge has rejected Burger King's bid to dismiss a lawsuit claiming that it cheated hungry customers by making its Whopper sandwich appear larger than it actually is. U.S. District Judge Roy Altman in Miami said Burger King must defend against a claim that its depiction of Whoppers on in-store menu boards mislead reasonable customers, amounting to a breach of contract. Customers in the proposed class action accused Burger King of portraying burgers with ingredients that "overflow over the bun," making it appear the burgers are 35% larger and contain more than double the meat than the chain serves.

The judge dismissed claims over video ads, though, where you see the burger and all the stuff in it bouncing around deliciously and all that. And for its part, Burger King insists that the burgers used on menu boards are normal burgers. Maybe staff should be trained to build them right. Nothing worse than a) deranged tyrants with the appearance of melting wax and b) architecturally-unsound burgers.

Coleman et al v Burger King Corp, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, No. 22-20925.