"Parenting Advice to Ignore in Art and Life" is a funny take on unsolicited opinions on parenting

We've shared Nicole Tersigni's terrific work in the pasts—specifically her first two books, Men to Avoid in Art and Life(2020) and Friends to Keep in Art and Life (2022). I'm happy to report that her third book was recently published–Parenting Advice to Ignore in Art and Life–and it's as funny and insightful as the first two. Here's the description from her website:

From the author of the hit Men to Avoid in Art and Life and Friends to Keep in Art and Life comes a collection of all-too-familiar unsolicited advice parents receive on the daily.

From in-laws and other parents to complete strangers and even your own kids—when it comes to parenting, everyone's a critic. Against the classic backdrop of fine art, bestselling author Nicole Tersigni's Parenting Advice to Ignore in Art and Life pokes fun at the many "experts" who think they know more than you about your own children. Utterly (and unfortunately) relatable and hilarious as ever, Tersigni's spot-on captions provide a much-needed laugh for anyone who has had the pleasure of parenting and the pain of having a stranger tell you to put a hat on your baby.

You can see a preview of the book here. Every page I've seen is terrific, but I think my favorite so far is the image of a very annoyed-looking woman holding her child and trying to ignore the man sticking his head into her personal space, trying to give her unsolicited advice. The text on the page reads:

[Man to Woman]: "May I offer you some free advice?"

[Woman to Man]: "No"

[Man to Woman]: "If you want to lose that extra baby weight—oh, did you say no? Rude."

On her website, Tersigni provides this brief bio:

Nicole Tersigni is a comedic writer and author of the bestselling Men to Avoid in Art and Life, and its follow-up, Friends to Keep in Art and Life. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, daughter, and dog.

See more of her on her Instagram or her website.