Sen. Mitch McConnell freezes up again for a full 30 seconds before clip ends (video)

An unwell Mitch McConnell froze up again today during some kind of press conference, looking gaunt and detached as he speechlessly spaced out for at least 30 seconds after a question. (See WLWT5 video below, posted by BNO News.)

The last time Kentucky's 81-year-old Senator had trouble answering a question in this manner was in July, when he stopped mid-sentence during a press conference for 30 seconds before regaining his composure.

When asked about his thoughts on "running for reelection in 2026," McConnell looked lost for about 10 seconds before an aide came to his side, asking, "Did you hear the question, Senator?" But he was not fazed by her presence, continuing to stare with a faraway look in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, y'all, but we're going to need a minute," the woman finally said. But rather than get him the help he needs — like a doctor, for starters — she bizarrely decided the show must go on. "Does anyone else have any questions?" The video cuts off here so it's not clear whether he was able to resume the conversation or not.