Woman forced to do her own detective work when an LAPD officer stole her debit card

A woman tracked down the LAPD officer who stole her debit card when she was in their station. She got photos of him using it at a Home Depot and somehow convinced the LAPD to start an internal affairs investigation. The officer in question has been arrested, and hopefully, the police learned a thing or two about investigating a crime.


The Los Angeles Police Department arrested one of their own for allegedly stealing a woman's debit card and using it at a home improvement store.

Internal Affairs detectives started their investigation after a woman raised concerns about her missing debit card. While she recalled having it while inside a station, she later noticed unauthorized transactions on her bank statement.

The woman did her own investigating and obtained photos of a man buying items with her debit card at a home improvement store. She later forwarded the photos to LAPD.

Internal Affairs identified the suspect as Officer Edmond Babains, who spent 16 years with the department. He was most recently assigned to the Custody Services Division of the department.

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