Management company empties wrong apartment then punishes victim with an eviction notice

A Texas man and his young daughter have been stripped of nearly all their possessions after his apartment building's management company accidentally ordered the wrong unit to be cleaned out. Johnny Abney says he lost tens of thousands of dollars' worth of personal possessions.

"They came to my door and cleaned everything – from my daughter's clothes to my clothes to everything from A to Z. They pretty much left me with nothing. It's all gone," says Abney in this FOX 4 News Dallas video (posted below). "Not only did they put my stuff out, they watched people take all my property," he says. Abney shows his daughter's ruined toys and school supplies meant for her first day of fifth grade.

The apartment managers recovered one of the mattresses from a dumpster, which had been urinated on. They cleaned it and returned it to Abney's apartment.

Attorney Jason Friedman, representing Abney, argues, "There was no reason to go into his apartment. There was no reason to throw anything away."

The property management company at the Hamilton apartments at The Epic in Deep Ellum attempted to evict Abney afterward. They allege he violated his lease by subletting, but Abney consistently paid his rent.