Burning Man rained out

If you've been following the continuing saga of the rained-out Burning Man 2023, the latest news is that the entrance and exit gates remain closed, and the approximately 73,000 folks out on Black Rock City have been urged to conserve food, fuel, and water because it's unlikely they will be able to leave camp anytime soon. The Reno Gazette Journal explains:

There was no estimated time for reopening, and thousands of attendees are facing the potential of missing flights, failing to return rental cars or failing to return to work Tuesday. The event is set to officially end Monday but many people begin leaving Saturday night or Sunday.

"I think it's just a waiting game now," said Max Spooner, who walked through the city with a mattress strapped to his back. Spooner said his tent got wet on Friday night and he retrieved dry bedding from his car via a long, slippery walk. "Survival mode, here we go."

The closures and order to remain in shelter come as the event was supposed reach its zenith on Saturday night with the burning of the giant wooden Man effigy towering over the temporary city. All vehicle traffic within the encampment has been halted, including servicing for the thousands of portable toilets that make the event possible. Organizers have also begun rationing ice sales.

In the meantime, some folks—including celebrities Diplo and Chris Rock—have walked out of camp. UPROXX explains:

While fans are currently in distress, a prolific musician and an esteemed actor/comedian managed to make an escape. Amid the disaster, DJ and producer Diplo shared an update with fans via Twitter, letting them know that he and Chris Rock are safe and well.

"just walked 5 miles in the mud out of burning man with chris rock and a fan picked us up," he said.

Embedded in the tweet is a video of Diplo, Rock, and a group of fans laughing and having a good time.

However, their escape has sparked mixed reactions.

"Anyone wondering what wealth privilege is? While many are trapped at Burning Man, no surprise the wealthy get out," said one Twitter user.

If you want a peek at what it's like on the Playa and at the camps in Black Rock City, check out "Burning Man Berger" on TikTok, who has been posting frequent updates, including this video of what some of the porta-potties look like, this video of folks slogging through the mud, and this one of folks dancing through the rain.