Learn about investing with this stellar stock screener app — $99.97 for Labor Day

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New investors can benefit from taking the time to learn how to follow the market. Tykr is a screener that can teach you useful things like how real stocks change from day to day. This stock screening app screens stocks for you, so you can then have more data to work with when trying to determine what to buy, hold, and sell. During our Labor Day Sale, you can get a lifetime subscription to Tykr and a free course named Top Tools for Better Stock Pricing all for just $99.97. 

Tykr's screening helps users better determine which stocks are lower risk, and which are higher risk. Its educational data and investing tips are designed to help you make more informed decisions when investing. This lifetime subscription is designed to be a one-and-done payment. It comes with an easy-to-navigate interface that makes finding the right tips and stock charts a breeze for new users. 

Top Tools for Better Stock Pricing is a course included in this bundle that's also designed to improve your investing know how. It features three lectures on identifying opportunities for entering and exiting positions, increasing probability for success when stock trading, and the art of technical analysis. This course is taught by instructors from MoneyShow, which has a 5/5 star rating for its expert-driven finance content.

Get a Tykr Stock Lifetime Subscription + a free Top Tools for Better Stock Picking course for $99.97 for Labor Day, using coupon code STOCK, but hurry! This Labor Day Sale only runs through September 4th. 

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