Alabama refuses to comply with a Federal court order demanding equal representation for Black people

A panel of three Federal judges is baffled as to why the Alabama Republican-led legislature hasn't complied with their order to redistrict the state's congressional map more fairly. In light of the long-running racist power grab, the court has appointed experts who will provide three maps intended to represent the demographics of Alabama better. Alabama's Republicans will continue appealing and will obviously try to reject the new maps.


"We are not aware of any other case in which a state legislature — faced with a federal court order declaring that its electoral plan unlawfully dilutes minority votes and requiring a plan that provides an additional opportunity district — responded with a plan that the state concedes does not provide that district," said U.S. Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus, U.S. District Judge Anna Manasco and U.S. District Judge Terry Moorer. "The law requires the creation of an additional district that affords Black Alabamians, like everyone else, a fair and reasonable opportunity to elect candidates of their choice. The 2023 Plan plainly fails to do so."