Bintracker: a new music tracker app for 2023

Bintracker is a new audio workstation for Windows (with Linux and MacOS builds in the works) in the fine tradition of Soundtracker, Impulse Tracker (itself reincarnated for modern computers as Schism Tracker), Renoise and so on: tracks programmed against time increments, the digital offspring of spreadsheets and piano rolls. Bintracker's emphasis is on oldschool simplicity and the specific chiptune qualities of 8-bit systems such as the Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum and TRS-80.

Bintracker is an advanced, cross-platform chiptune music editor that supports many different sound routines on a wide range of 8-bit and 16-bit target systems. It is also an interactive programming environment running on top of Chicken Scheme.

At a basic level, Bintracker looks and feels like a music tracker, and can perfectly well be used as such. However, it also incorporates a range of features normally found in digital audio workstations and audio programming languages.

Both the editor itself, as well as the range of supported chiptune drivers and target platforms can be extended through plugins.

Though I spent a lot of time in MED and Impulse Tracker in my day, I always found modern trackers somehow overwhelming and am eager to see if Bintracker's intentional limitations help get me rolling.