Drone pilot arrested for dying neighboring pools green

A rash of vandalized pools in Absecon, New Jersey, was tracked back to a dude with a drone. 45-year-old Patrick Spina IV was arrested after local law enforcement, and the FAA tracked a drone back to his business. The drone was spotted dropping packets of sea-dye into neighboring pools.


"We had a resident who was enjoying time in his pool and saw a drone over top and the drone actually dropped something in his pool and it turned green immediately," said Absecon Police Chief James Laughlin.

The green stuff was sea dye – normally used by search and rescue teams – and it can be damaging to pools.

On Friday police say the drone was spotted over the Quality Inn again, and this time with help from the FAA the drone was tracked back to this business across the White Horse Pike.

Police arrested the business owner, 45-year-old Patrick Spina IV.

He's now facing multiple counts of criminal mischief.