Starfield is barely out, and people are already recreating Cowboy Bebop

Imagine being a loner in a vast, interconnected network of spaceports, traveling across the stars with your trusty ship and small, tight-knit crew, taking on odd jobs wherever and whenever they come up to keep paying your way in a commercialized and colonized universe. If you identified with that, you're either Cowboy Bebop's Spike Spiegel or the protagonist of Bethesda Softworks' newest RPG, Starfield, both of which deal with the minutiae of normal, everyday life among the stars.

Given that overlap, it's little surprise that early access Starfield players are already crossing them over even before the game's official launch, starting with this stunning recreation of Spike's personal spacecraft in Starfield's robust ship builder.

With the wide release upon us, I can only imagine what further creations await- but I could totally see myself basing my crew out of the repurposed fishing trawler Spike and his pals use in the show. See you out there, space cowboy.