The Rolling Stones are back — and they brought Sydney Sweeney along for the ride

Sydney Sweeney, star of The White Lotus and Euphoria, is featured in the video for a song on The Rolling Stones' first studio album since 2016. The song is called "Angry" and the album is called Hackney Diamonds, scheduled for release in October 2023. Watch it below.

While The Rolling Stones hold a special place in my heart, the video leaves a lot to be desired. It features Sweeney writhing in a convertible as it cruises up and down Sunset Blvd, with animated billboards showcasing the Stones' performance flickering past in the background. It's lazy unimaginative, and a waste of Sweeney's talent. It's like something Aerosmith would have made in the early 90s.

The song is a little better, but everyone knows Some Girls was the last great Stone's album.