Driver plows into 3 cars, kills a person, then enjoys a burrito at a nearby restaurant

A hungry driver in Arizona plowed his semi-truck into three vehicles waiting at a red light, whereupon his truck and one of the cars burst into flames, another car crashed into a boulder and landed on a roof, one person died, and several others were seriously injured. The 28-year-old gentleman then stepped out of the burning truck and walked over to a nearby Mexican restaurant, where he treated himself to a burrito — before police came to arrest him.

Karan Singh, who allegedly tested positive for drugs, had been driving a truck with a sign that read "RTL Carrier, Incorporated," which is a company based in Manteca, California, according to CBS News. Singh was arrested for second degree murder and aggravated assault, and is being held on $1 million bail.

Video below, caught by MNR Racing and posted by stevelarge, shows Singh barreling his truck through town moments before he decided to grab some lunch.