Watch out for the Toronto Ink Bandit spraying people with pigment!

This summer, a number of pedestrians in Toronto have found themselves sprayed with ink. At least five incidents were reported to the Toronto Police Service in the last two months. He's now wanted for causing "mischief," which sounds quite delightful, really. Similar encounters with the "Ink Bandit" were described on Reddit.

"Yesterday I was hit with ink in the morning and only noticed once I got to work," one poster wrote. "Today, I saw these two people had been hit with ink. Neither of them had noticed. When I got to work a colleague had also been inked."

According to a police statement, the Ink Bandit "is described as being in his 30s, approximately 5'8" with a thin build and short dark hair.  He has worn grey sneakers, a black baseball cap, carried a black/grey backpack and had white corded headphones."

image: New Africa/Shutterstock

(CP24 via Fark)