The girl who pushed her friend off a 60-foot high bridge into a river could be prosecuted

A 16 year old girl suffered four broken ribs and punctured lungs after her 18 -year-old friend pushed her on a 60 foot tall bridge into the river at Moulton Falls Pegional Park a couple weeks ago. Now prosecutors are are looking into charging the 18-year-old with criminal offenses.

From Inside Edition:

In a harrowing moment captured on video, a Washington teen is pushed by a friend from a bridge more than 50 feet high. Jordan Holgerson, 16, suffered five cracked ribs and a lung injury. “I could have died,” Holgerson said. “In midair, I think I might have blacked out, but I was awake and aware when I hit the water.” The location is reportedly a popular location for kids to leap into the water. In the video, kids can be heard counting down and Holgerson appears to hesitate before being pushed.

From The Columbian:

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit has completed its investigation into the Moulton Falls bridge incident and is forwarding the case to the prosecutor’s office for consideration of charges.

The sheriff’s office said the suspect, identified as 18-year-old Taylor Smith, is cooperating with investigators, according to a sheriff’s office press release.

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A basket full of revolting EasterFools' Day 'treats'

For the first time in over 60 years, Easter and April Fools' Day are on the same day, creating the rare EasterFools' Day holiday.

To celebrate, former NASA-JPL engineer/current science YouTube star Mark Rober (previously) went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to demonstrate some easy pranks for this rare double holiday. For example, he fills hollow chocolate bunnies with broccolini and calls them "Brocco-Bunny" and puts Brussels sprouts on sticks and then dips them in melted chocolate, creating "Brussels Pops."

What he does with mayonnaise is unforgivable. And the kids they give these EasterFools' "treats" to are surely scarred for life.

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Picnic table pyramid builders delight/enrage (take your pick)

A Boing Boing reader says:

Thought you might enjoy this... A group of teens has begun stacking picnic tables in Spokane, WA (where I live). They've hit a couple times at local parks and the authorities are up in arms. Spectacular... amazing... daring... and I'm glad my son isn't involved! Or is he?!!

Link to an article in our local paper...

From the article:

An Urban Forestry crewman discovered a note addressed to park employees at the top of the stack of 36 tables. The note was signed “SKFS.”

It continues...

“We heard that our riverfront table pyramids cost $500 each to remove,” the note reads, “yet they only took 4 teens 25 min to assemble sans equipment! Please stop wasting taxpayer dollars.”

The group calls themselves The Spokane Serial Stackers and has a Facebook page.

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