Yes, you can now get a MacBook Pro for only $300!

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TL;DR: When it comes to laptops, one of the most trusted brands is Apple. But with any top-of-the-line product, MacBooks are usually much more expensive than their counterparts. Now, though, you can get a refurbished MacBook Pro for only $299.99!

There's just something so pleasing about a MacBook laptop. They run well, look good (amazing, actually!), and you just know you're getting a quality product when you purchase Apple. But, there's no ignoring the major downside of Apple laptops. They're expensive! 

That's why this particular laptop is so exciting. While this refurbished 13.3" MacBook Pro normally costs $980, you can now get it for only $299.99! It even comes with a black case for storage and travel purposes. No coupon necessary!

Yes, there is a reason why this computer is so affordable. It's because it's refurbished. But this one in particular has a Grade B rating, meaning it's in good operating condition. You may notice minor scratching, scuffing, or denting, but it should still look fine — and even more importantly, it runs well!

Here are some other things we love about this pre-loved MacBook Pro:

Top outlets like CNET, LaptopMag, and more raved about this model, noting the ergonomics, battery life, and processing power make it one of the best available laptop models around. It may be an older MacBook, but it's still an Apple product. You can expect high-quality performance without breaking an arm or a leg!

So, upgrade your computer now for an incredibly low price! Get this refurbished 13.3" MacBook Pro with a black case for just $299.99 for a limited time.

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