Aerial photo of John Travolta's house looks like if you asked an AI for a picture of a mansion that was also an airport terminal

Posted to the anticonsumption subreddit and thence everywhere else, an aerial photo of John Travolta's mansion, featuring parking for two jetliners, has the internet aflutter.

It's not the first time the unique residence has done the rounds in media, but something about the straight-down Google Maps screenshot lends it all an uncanny air. It's like something from a weird city-building computer game that lets you design, implement and simulate the most sadistic and unpleasant environments you can imagine.

The best remark: "It's like he doesn't even care about tennis."

I found a similar property nearby on Zillow—"John Travolta is looking for a neighbor!"—which shows how the community itself is built for airplanes, complete with a runway accessible to every home: the American dream of the unwalkable exurban vehicular community taken to new heights.