Rep. Ken Buck mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene over her CrossFit education (audio)

Colorado's conservative Rep. Ken Buck trolled Marjorie Taylor Greene, saying her degree in CrossFit must have skipped the most important subject she needed to learn: the Constitution.

"When I was teaching law school, I learned and taught certain constitutional principles," said Buck, a member of the House Freedom Caucus (that expelled Greene in July) to George Brauchler on The George Show. "When Marjorie Taylor Greene was teaching CrossFit, she learned a whole different set of values, evidently. Because my idea of what this country should be like is based on the Constitution. And she sees the world differently." (Listen to clip below, posted by Meidas Touch.)

"She's criticized me for, you know, voting to certify the election in 2020," he continued. "The Constitution says Congress shall count the votes. Doesn't say Congress may overturn an election result. It doesn't say Congress can do whatever the heck it wants … In her CrossFit class, maybe they didn't cover that."

Buck, a frightened gentleman known to threaten politicians and even ward off raccoons with his AR-15, then went on to mock Empty G.'s Instagram and Twitter/X addiction. "When you've got people who care more about their social media accounts than they do about the Constitution, we have a real problem in Congress."

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