Kind-hearted person nurtures injured bee back to health

When @katharinawallen  stumbled across a bee with one wing who was struggling to find nourishment, she decided to take it home and build it a loving habitat. In this adorable video you can see the bumble bee's journey from it's struggles outside to its new home where flowers, food, and safety are ever-present. 

I love how much this person was able to improve the injured bee's life. I'm so glad that the bee and this kind hearted person crossed paths at the right moment in time. This is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while!

From Instagram:

"🐝 Not me crying about a bee🐝😭

Shoutout to @katharinawallen for taking the time to care about this small but important creature… you're an example of how wonderful humans can be! 🫶"