Jam out to your favorite tunes with the Monster Blaster 3.0, a $199 modern and portable boombox

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TL;DR: Don't settle for just any speaker. Monster's boombox-inspired Blaster 3.0 speaker has a built-in charger and a durable handle so you can confidently take it on the go. Through September 9, grab it in your choice of three colors for only $199 with free shipping.

Back in the '80s, we had giant, hulking boomboxes that weighed a ton, partly because of the eight D batteries it took to run it and partly because they were just big and heavy. But that didn't stop us (from looking slightly ridiculous!). We'd lug those things around blasting our Run-DMC or Beastie Boys like nobody's business. 

While the need for portable music has existed for many decades, this digital age has created the true golden era of portable music. The minds at Monster have devised a modern-day boombox to prove that point. The Monster 3.0 speaker is a revolutionary portable boombox that delivers breathtaking sound and phenomenal bass.

Get pure musical power you can feel when the seven speakers and power bass, along with an independently powered 60-watt woofer, blast 120 watts of sound for an excellent listening experience. It features wireless Bluetooth 5.1 streaming with the ease of NFC pairing and also has a 3.5mm port for a wired connection to support older devices.

This sleek boombox-style speaker is lightweight and water resistant, which makes it a great way to listen to music on the move, whether you're taking it camping or setting the music scene at a friend's party. And it has a durable handle to carry with one hand — or you can prop it up on your shoulder, '80s style.

With just the touch of a button, the Environment EQ feature allows you to easily switch between indoor and outdoor modes for optimized sound and precise loudness and clarity. The rechargeable battery can be used for up to an extraordinary 12 hours before it needs a charge. Plus, there's a built-in USB power bank, so you can even use the speaker to charge your phone, meaning you don't have to worry about your phone dying while streaming your music!

With a score of five out of five on Yahoo! Life, the Blaster 3.0's incredible looks and sound make it a stylish way to take a true boombox with you in today's digital world.

Relive your boombox days with its most advanced and sleekest iteration! Until September 9, get the Monster Blaster 3.0 in red, white, or black for just $199 with free shipping.

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