Jen Psaki mocks the GOP — and Josh Hawley — for trying to rebrand "pro-life" to "pro-baby" (video)

Jen Psaki mocked Republican leaders for their recent scramble to rebrand "pro-life" to "pro-baby" after they realized 61% of their "customers hate" their forced birth policies. "And this issue didn't just register in polls," she began, referring to the negative impact overturning Roe v Wade has had on the MAGA party. "It actually swayed elections."

For instance, she explains, last month in ruby red Ohio, voters rejected a proposal that would make it harder to protect abortion rights. In Wisconsin, voters overwhelmingly chose a pro-choice Democrat for the state's Supreme Court. And in Kansas, voters rejected a proposal to end pro-choice protections in the State Constitution.

"I hate to break it to you, but if you call broccoli 'candy,' it's still just broccoli," Psaki said to the GOP on her MSNBC show. "If you tie a really nice bow around a lump of coal, it is still coal under there. The branding isn't the problem here. The policy is the problem, and no matter what they call it, the truth is, the Republican platform has long been 'pro-life.'"

If the GOP "wanted to be 'pro-baby,' maybe they should stop opposing new child care and parental leave programs, or food stamps for low-income women and young children," Psaki continued. "I could go on."

She also threw some well-deserved shade to laughingstock Josh Hawley, the Missouri Senator who said, "Many voters think 'pro-life' means you're for no exceptions in favor of abortion, ever." To which Psaki pointed out with "a little memo" to the hypocritical Senator: "In Missouri, which is the state you represent, abortion law makes no exceptions for rape or incest. No exceptions for rape or incest," she said. His fist-pumping might work with a MAGA mob, but when faced with a reality check, watch him run like hell.

(See video below, posted by Jen Psaki.)