Tucker Carlson slams Gov. Greg Abbott for not murdering migrants with guns (video)

Tucker Carlson is furious with "betrayer" Gov. Greg Abbott for merely installing razor wire and floating circular saws to keep migrants from entering Texas when he could be slaughtering them with high-capacity firearms.

"Has the Governor of Texas done anything to stop it? No! He's got a National Guard. He's the Commander in Chief. It is Texas, so they're all large. And they have double stack magazines in their sidearms," the angry white Christian said. "You think they couldn't stop that in a week? Of course! Just assemble on the border. … He won't do it."

Carlson, calling Abbott a "liar," then lied about an exchange he had with the governor that — being a former Fox "News" host and all — he later admitted he made up. "I've suggested it to him three times, including in private at a cocktail party in Dallas last year. 'What are you doing, man? Don't you have a National Guard? … If someone is trying to break into my house, it's not complicated to repel the person. Do you have a firearm or don't you?'" (See video below, posted by Election Wizard.)

It's not that Abbott — known for bussing migrants straight into hurricanes — is against such tactics in keeping the "others" out of the Lone Star State, it's just that Abbott has to first deal with barriers to his barbaric barriers: his inhumane methods have thus far been challenged, with a federal judge last Wednesday ordering the Texas tyrant to remove them by September 15 (a lawsuit that Abbott is appealing).

But lawsuit shmawsuit. "Greg Abbott. Liar, liar. Worse than that — a betrayer of your own people," said Carlson. As the saying goes, takes one to know one.

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