This $35 automatic dog toy plays with your pup for hours!

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TL;DR: Give your dog a toy that's fun, even if you don't have time to play with it with them. The Wicked Ball is an interactive dog toy with three automatic interaction modes and built-in rest cycles, and it's only $34.99!

Dogs need a lot of attention and activity, and they deserve all of it. Still, there isn't always enough time to play with your pup as much as they need, which is why it might be nice if they had a toy they don't need a human to play with. The Wicked Ball is an automatic dog toy with different modes of movement and activity suited to different dogs. It's fun, stimulating, and not too intense, and you can fetch one for $34.99!

A dog toy that plays on its own 

The Wicked Ball started on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, but now your dog can finally get their paws on one. The ball looks simple enough, but it actually moves entirely on its own. You can set it to gentle, normal, or active, depending on your dog's energy level. 

An energetic pup might love active mode, but more seasoned dogs might like gentler modes. Either way, you can use the Intelligent Companion mode to balance rest and activity with 10 minutes of play and 30 minutes of rest. Food-motivated dogs can even get excited by the built-in snack hole. Set it up so your dog can play with their toy while you sit down and play a few video games you've been missing

Dog toys need to be able to withstand some serious wear and tear, and this one is no exception. "The pups LOVED it. It entertains them and even every human. It seems crush-proof to two Scottie dogs," writes one reviewer. 

Fully charged, this automatic dog toy can run for up to eight hours on gentle mode. More intense modes may drain the battery faster, but then all you have to do is take off the waterproof cover and plug it in. 

A robot ball for your dog 

Invest in a toy that can play with your dog, whether you're in the room or not!

Get the Wicked Ball Interactive Pet Toy for just $34.99 to keep your furry friend engaged.

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