I can't get enough of this three-legged dog's toothy grin

Meet Jeanie and Pippa. They are both rescue dogs, and they are both 3-legged dogs. They are also 100% adorable. Their human describes them on their YouTube page as: "Rescues. Activists. Children's Book Stars. Icons." 

Jeanie "the world's cutest 3-legged therapy dog," is the older of the pair, well into her senior years at 16 ½ years. She still manages to get around just fine, even though she sometimes needs the help of a ramp to navigate furniture. She looks like the sweetest pup, truly. 

And then there's Pippa, "the world's fastest 3-legged dog." Pippa does, in fact, zip around with tremendous speed (and flair). That's pretty awesome, but I think the thing I love best about her is her absolutely gorgeous smile. I mean, it's truly magnificent!

To follow the adventures of these two three-legged dogs, head to their Instagram.