Watch Tammy the giant anteater slurping up food with her 2-foot-long tongue

I could watch Tammy the giant anteater slurping up food all day. I just cannot get enough of her giant snout and impossibly long tongue!

In this video, posted by Furry Tales on their Facebook page, you can first see Tammy slurping up some kind of delicious slop from a giant bowl (she seems to love it!). Next, one of the people who cares for her at Miller Zoo—a rehabilitation center and wildlife sanctuary in Frampton, Quebec—scoops out some avocado and spreads it into the nooks and crannies of a tree branch for Tammy to search out. Next, she uses her claws to help her hold a rubber toy and then uses her snout and tongue to extricate the food inside. Finally, she craws into bed for a nap, but not before displaying her giant tongue, which, according to the video, is two feet long.

If you want to see more of Tammy's tongue in action, check out this video.