Yet another Yellowstone touron gets stomped by a bison

TouronsofYellowstone shares that yet another tourist failed to regard the warning signs as meaningful and got the up close and personal experience they were looking for with one of the park's many wild animals. Bison are huge. I was intimidated sitting inside my camper van, stopped, and waiting for them to clear their road so we could continue without incident.

The IG photo shows a park visitor getting stomped but hopefully not gored!

Image: touronsofyellowstone

Yahoo News:

"​​What an idiot. Got what he was asking for up close and personal," one user commented.

"Another moron! Can't read and won't follow the rules!" said another.

According to the National Park Service's website, bison are responsible for more animal-related injuries in Yellowstone Park than any other animal. It's recommended to stay at least 75 feet away from the animals at all times, as they can run three times faster than humans.

If this particular tourist had indeed read the park's rules and advice as the commenter suggested, they would have known that approaching a bison threatens them, and warning signs like lowering their head, pawing, bellowing, or snorting would have suggested a charge was coming.