Tourists play a dangerous game by unleashing their dog on elk in Banff National Park

"Tourons of National Parks" is an Instagram account that posts videos of people making poor choices when interacting with wildlife. In some cases, these individuals, who seem to think the animals are costumed Disneyland cast members, receive injuries from frightened or territorial animals. In the video below, the people are lucky to have only received a stern lecture from some passers-by.

From the video:

"My wife and I had come across some elk along a road right beside the highway in Banff. We drove slow, viewed the elk and took a few pics. After that, we drove down the road a bit and turned around to pass by one more time and also to get back on highway. Just after we turned around, we saw these two tourists pull over and get out of their truck. They bring their dog out from the back seat too. Then as they cross the road towards the elk, they unleash the dog. We pull up and start recording. My wife unbuckled her seat belt to look behind to see if they were getting the dog back on the leash. I parked the car, grabbed my camera and got a shot of their license plate. When we got back into town, I called the Banff National Park Dispatch to get the Warden involved. The warden contacted me and said they will be pressing charges.
Just ignorant, ignorant people. Here… Let's endanger our dog while also harassing wildlife… for fun! Some people don't deserve to be in public."