"Worst investment ever," says person who just paid $3.2 million for the Brady Bunch house

Tina Trahan and Chris Albrecht have just paid $3.2 million for the Brady Bunch house in Studio City, California. Although they paid $2 million less than the list price, Trahan proudly described the purchase as "the worst investment ever." Brady Bunch enthusiasts like myself will recall that only the front of the home appeared on the show as the interior was a studio set. In 2018, HGTV bought the property and rebuilt the interior to make it as close to the TV show as possible, including matching furnishings and props. So why is it a bad investment?

From NPR:

"Nobody is going to live in it," Trahan told the WSJ. "No one is going in there to make pork chops and applesauce in that kitchen. Anything you might do to make the house livable would take away from what I consider artwork."

Reflecting on her latest acquisition and its aging fans, Trahan said, "I can't even say the word investment — I'm going to say liability."