Aliens visit the one home in Las Vegas without a camera phone

A 16-year-old child called the Las Vegas police after he and his family sighted ten-foot-tall aliens checking out their backyard. This visitation coincided with an enormous fireball flying through the Vegas sky around the same time, caught by a Police officer body-cam. Unlike most people in the United States, however, the Vegas family did not grab their camera phones and start recording, leaving us with only their oral recollection and a fine drawing by the child.

While the evidence is thin, the family is willing to speak openly about the experience. The son claims to have been stalked by Men in Black but apparently still has his memory.


"We just see in the corner of our eye something fall down from the sky, and it was with lights, and when it hit down there was like a big impact, and we felt like an energy? And then we hear like a lot of footsteps near us. And then – we have, like, big- a big equipment, and we see there's a, there's like an eight-foot person beside it and another one's inside, and it has big eyes and it's looking at us," the caller tells the 911 dispatcher. "They're very large. They're like eight foot, nine foot, 10 foot."

"And they're not human. One-hundred percent, they're not human," the caller adds.

Officers responded to the residence, but when they arrived there was no sign of any creatures.

Police said the officers conducted a preliminary investigation but were unable to find anything. The case was closed as "unfounded," officials said.