As wife watches, Mike Pence nervously skirts question on if he would dine alone with female VP (video)

It's long been known that former VP Mike Pence can't be trusted around women other than his own wife — he admitted this in 2002 when he talked about his promise to Karen Sue Pence that he would never dine alone with a woman or go anywhere that served alcohol unless she was at his side. But what if the repressed presidential candidate somehow won the primary and chose a woman for his running mate — such as Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who he recently said he would consider? Would his mommy-wife need to chaperone?

When a NewsNation moderator asked about this, Pence nervously danced around the question while Mother watched his every move from her seat in the audience. (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

"One of the things that has been said about how you conduct your personal life is you will not eat alone or meet alone with a woman. One of the hallmarks of your presidency, and one of the things that was reported on a lot, was your private lunches one-on-one with Donald Trump," host Leland Vittert said. "How would that work out if you had a female vice president?"

"That's a very clever question. It really is," the hungry evangelical Christian said, before he uncleverly neglected to answer the question. Instead, the easily tempted gentleman from Indiana simply restated the vow he made to his wife as she encouraged him from across the room with a supportive nod. It's not clear whether or not alcohol was flowing through the town hall event.

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