Cool products priced lower than Amazon, with code for free shipping

Our friends at Meh have a side deal called Sidedeal, and right now, they're selling a bunch of stuff that's lower than the price on Amazon. Some of it looks decent, too! I just paid $20 for a WiFi Thermostat, light bulb, and smart plug. I don't even care about the bulb or the plug, I just needed to replace the lousy thermostat in my house, and it's $10 cheaper than Amazon.

Check out the sale here.

Don't forget to use this free shipping coupon that is eligible for use on any product within the above event. 

How to get free shipping

1. Select $8.99 / Flat Shipping

2. Enter Coupon Code: SDFS

3. $8.99 Discount is applied

Here's a screenshot of all the stuff: