Honda's Motocompacto is an electric briefcase-sized scooter

Honda's Motocompacto is an electric scooter that folds out of and back into a briefcase-sized block, inspired by (but even smaller than) the 1980s gasoline-powered Motocompo. Sporting an LED display and charging with a normal plug, it weighs a hair over 41 pounds and is easy to carry or even shove in a backpack. The 15 MPH top speed and 12-mile range impose sharp limits on where you'll go with it, but it's not as if you'd survive 10 minutes on the highway in it anyway. The Motocompacto will be $995 and available in the U.S. later this year.

Discover truly sophisticated portability and functional design for any version of you, anywhere you're going. Earning a category all its own, Motocompacto is personal mobility designed like a dream. It fits perfectly into compact spaces, dynamic commutes, and individual styles.

I love it. Just a vast improvement overs the small-wheel battery scooters that end up as trash on sidewalks and in dumpsters.

That said, Honda, how about an electric Ruckus already? Please?