Marvel at this doomed sea-side shanty

An unknown amateur engineer has lashed a lot of driftwood and trash together, perching a 2023 Swiss-Family-Robinson beach shack on a precarious California cliffside. The cliff, known as Devil's Slide is barren and uninhabitable. While the view from the structure is clearly expansive and beautiful, the power of the ocean that it surveils will not care. A record El Niño winter spares none.

SF Gate:

A mystifying, intricately built ramshackle home somehow stands on the face of a treacherous Bay Area cliff — and it apparently has a resident, or at least a regular visitor.  

Built out of driftwood, likely collected from the waves below, the shack appears to have several rooms and rises over three levels on the steep San Mateo County rock face. Among the wood and ropes are a boxing punching bag, several buoys, some old signs and what appears to be a fully enclosed room. A solitary wooden chair also faces the Pacific, its back to rocks — hard to imagine how exposed that seat must feel in storms and high seas; or how beautiful the sun looks, setting over the Pacific.

Featured Image: YouTube