Trump tells Megyn Kelly he doesn't know who gave Fauci his Presidential Commendation (Hint: it was Trump)

In a new interview with Megyn Kelly, former President Donald Trump claims he did not give Dr. Anthony Fauci a Presidential Commendation for his work on the COVID-19 response, despite proof that Trump did exactly that.

The interview captures an awkward exchange where Kelly confronts Trump about not firing Fauci when he was President. She points out that not only did Trump not fire Fauci, he "made him a star" by having him lead White House press briefings on COVID-19. Kelly notes that before leaving office, Trump even "gave [Fauci] a presidential commendation."

Trump ressponds, "Uhhh… I don't know who gave him the commendation. I really don't know who gave him the commendation."

However, according to the Trump White House Archives website, on January 19, 2021, Trump awarded Fauci and his entire COVID-19 task force team a Presidential Commendation "in recognition of their efforts to protect the health and well-being of the American people."