Double your productivity with this 13.3-inch 2K Portable IPS Display Monitor, now only $108!

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TL;DR: This 13.3 2K portable IPS display monitor can boost productivity for professionals and students alike, and frequent travelers may love being able to bring a second screen for working anywhere they go! This display monitor is now only $107.99 (reg. $169.99).

Today, using dual monitors doesn't begin and end with professionals. Students, gamers, and everyone in between have tapped into a second computer monitor to enhance their experiences (both for good, aka streaming, or bad, aka work). 

If you've contemplated purchasing a second monitor or want to upgrade your current one, look no further than here! For a limited time, you can purchase this 13.3" 2K Portable IPS Display Monitor for only $107.99 (reg. $169.99).

This lightweight (1.41 pounds!) and versatile external display packs excellent image quality. It features a 16:!0 aspect ratio and 2560×1600 high resolution, and delivers a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 60Hz refresh rate for a smooth viewing experience. Plus, its IPS angle offers a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees!

The beauty of this monitor lies in just how versatile it is. It's equipped with a featured USB-C Type-C port and an HDMI port, and it plays well with PCs, MacBooks, smartphones, desktop computers, or just about any other device you can hook up to. Apple stans and PC fanatics rejoice!

Its size makes it the ideal tech gear for travel. Not only does it clock in at fewer than two pounds, but it is also 0.2 inches slim. You'll hardly notice its profile when you're on the go. 

Crafted in premium metal, you'll enjoy its elegant appearance. Durability is also covered with a scratch-proof magnetic smart cover that can also be folded into a stand to act as monitor support. Sleek style in a second monitor that can boost productivity, reduce eyestrain, and streamline your workflow? Count us in!

There's no going back once you've experienced working with a second monitor. And thankfully, the luxury is no longer reserved just for the office!

Enhance your work, play, or streaming setup today by grabbing this 13.3" 2K Portable IPS Display Monitor for just $107.99 for a limited time.

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