Reduce dark circles and firm skin with the VSYNIntelliPen, now only $54.59

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TL;DR: Does your complexion need a boost? Use the VYSN IntelliPen, a mini face and eye therapy device that can help brighten and tighten skin. Typically retailing for $99, it's now on sale for just $54.99.

It's an unfortunate reality that as time goes on, our skin starts to sag and wrinkle, especially the areas by our eyes. But, there are plenty of tools that can help reduce the side effects of aging and help relieve other skin concerns, and not all of them need to be administered by a doctor.

Just consider this small, at-home device that aims to fight dark undereye circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. The VYSN IntelliPen can help give you a refreshed look, and now you can get it on sale. While it typically costs $99, it's currently on sale for just $54.99. That's 45% off — no coupon needed!

The IntelliPen uses an EMS current to provide several anti-aging and skin-enhancing benefits. Per We202, EMS "improves skin suppleness through active cell regeneration … [and] consistent usage can generate amazing anti-aging outcomes." 

As the device heats up and vibrates over your skin, it increases circulation, reduces swelling, eases undereye bags, and tightens skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your sessions with the IntelliPen are basically the equivalent of a facial, all done at home! Lounging in your PJs as your skin gets incredible TLC? Count us in!

Here's how you can incorporate the IntelliPen into your daily routine:

  • Apply your typical eye cream and skincare products. It's recommended that creams, serums, or other products are used as a barrier between your skin and the device so it's more gentle!
  • Then, hold the device close to your skin near your under-eye area.
  • Gently rotate the device in small circles from the inside of your eyes to the outside.
  • Massage the skin for at least 20 minutes.
  • Enjoy a brighter, fresher look!

You can bring this device anywhere, as it's small and lightweight, so your routine never has to be interrupted. It even charges in just 30 minutes!

Everyone deserves to have beautiful skin.

Help your complexion look its best with the VYSN IntelliPen Anti-Aging EMS Mini Face and Eye Therapy Device, now for just $54.99.

Prices subject to change.