Video captures dogs smiling after being told they're "good boys" and "good girls"

This video of dogs before and after being called "good boy" or "good girl" is the boost of joy I needed today! It was posted by LA-based doggie daycare company Fitdog, and features some of the dogs in their care.

Fitdog was co-founded by Andrea Servadio and Brandy Han in 2009 and is headquartered in Santa Monica. They provide daycare, sports classes, and more. They explain their background and their services on their website

We moved to Los Angeles from New York City in 2009 with our Jack Russell terrier, Brecken. As a 7-month-old puppy, Brecken was true to his breed: high-energy, smart and devious (chewed coffee table legs, unraveled rugs, and shredded doggy toys). Of course our first order of business was to find a dog daycare to keep him happy, safe and busy while we were working. We toured a number of facilities, but left disappointed, unable to find the right one. So, we decided to create a daycare that Brecken and his dog pals would love.

After 8 years of working with dogs, we continue to redefine dog care. We strive to be two steps ahead of the industry in terms of enrichment and care. In 2016, we launched our sports classes, designed specifically for high energy, smart dogs that need more than walks and daycare.

Check out more of the awesome dogs in their care on their Instagram.